5 Leading News Service Providers

According to Oxford Dictionary, News: A daily or nightly report of recent developments or activities, usually involving human action. A news program, typically consisting of news reports on current events. A news report, as in a news report of a newscast or a newspaper. The term can also be used in the news media to describe any writing that informs the public. In general, any report that tells the public is news.

Newspapers: A daily or weekly publication that is sent either for free or for a fee. The Associated Press circulates it, and many newspapers today are web sites. The Financial Times is not technically a paper but an online newspaper that delivers news worldwide through wire services. Today, most newspapers have Web sites that provide up-to-date news reports and other resources. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are two well-known sources of news.

TV and Radio: Most TV and radio programs are broadcasted to either a regular audience of tens of millions or to smaller groups of viewers who tune in to specific programs or stations. Many kinds of music and news agencies are associated with radio and TV. Associated Press (AP) is a United States-based non-profit organization that provides news agencies with news reports. Associated Press Information Services offers news services to over 150 countries worldwide. AP Wire services provide breaking news services to AP reporters and staff around the world.

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Internet: News travels fast on the internet. A fast-paced society and the world have made it essential for news agencies to have online news services. People around the world access these news services via the internet. Online news services include online news portals, newsletters, RSS feeds, video and audio news services, email news services, and photo news services. The AP web site has an extensive online news gallery, and AP Videos are available to search and watch.

Agence France – French Press Association: Agence France – French Press Association (APA) is the independent national board of newspapers and magazines and Associated Press International (API). CANADANEWSMEDIA Associated Press Worldwide is the largest provider of news services in the US and offers wire services and television and radio news across all news industry sectors. The APA is the international media agency of the French Press Association and is authorized by the Press Council of America to publish critical news reports.

Global News: Global News is a division of AP and provides unique content to online news services. Global News broadcasts its news service to hundreds of news websites. It reaches the corporate community as well as end-users through its E-News portal. The company was founded in 1985 by four men who were then in their 20s and began their business within the emerging market for news distribution.