End Mill Sharpener


An end mill sharpener is a device that can be used to resharpen the face of an end mill. This type of grinder can be portable or fixed. The portable version is designed for quick and accurate grinding, and it is a simple device to operate. It also features a long service life, which is ideal for small and medium enterprises.

End mills are widely used in manufacturing processes, especially in moldmaking. Because they are so useful, they often need to be sharpened regularly. A good re-grind can be done by a small or medium-sized business, or even by a single person. However, purchasing a new tool can be expensive. In fact, some multi-megabuck corporations sharpen their own end mills in-house, which can save them a lot of money.

End mills are available in two basic types: corner chamfer and roughing. Corner chamfer end mills have an angled cutting edge. Roughing end mills are primarily used to remove large amounts of material. Generally, a corner chamfer end mill lasts longer than a square end mill.

An end mill resharpener can resharpen all the primary cutting edges on an end mill. It can also resharpen the end mill’s secondary angle, called the “fish-tail.” These angles are produced automatically by the device.

An end mill sharpener can be equipped with a grinding wheel of a specific grit and size. Ed mill grinder For example, it can have a CBN grinding wheel for high-speed steel, a SDC wheel for alloy tungsten steel, or a SD230 wheel for 230 grit. You can also purchase an end mill sharpener that includes a diamond wheel for completing all procedures with one wheel.

End mill sharpeners typically feature a pointed stylus, which is mounted on the base of the machine. This fixture is independent of the spindle, so it can be adjusted to compensate for the different diameters of end mills. Also, the fixture includes means for lowering and raising the spindle’s height.

The spindle is also mounted for sliding motion relative to the base. A hand knob is included to advance and retract the grinding wheel. There is also a cam follower that moves the motor and grinding wheel to the left or the right. Similarly, a clearance handle is rotated counterclockwise to move the grinding wheel away from the end mill.

The E-90 End Mill Sharpener is designed to sharpen a wide range of end mills. With its air-bearing spindle, it produces less heat, allowing it to re-sharpen an end mill faster than an ordinary machine. It can re-sharpen end mills with up to six inches of flute length.

Other features include a hand knob to adjust the arc motion of the stylus, a feed knob to advance the grinding wheel to the center of the end mill, and an easy-pull knob to retract the grinding wheel. Additionally, this sharpener can be fitted with an accurate angle for a two-flute end mill.

An in-house end mill sharpener pays for itself in eight months. Compared to buying re-grinds, it is also cheaper.