Minimalist Room Window Inspiration


Windows have an important role in a dwelling. It is the main determinant of air circulation that occurs in the room. Therefore, its presence in each area is considered very important, especially in the room.

Ideally, the bedroom window model is adapted to the interior design applied in the room. Wine storage cabinet makes those of you who have a minimalist-style room certainly want a window with the same style.
Here are some minimalist bedroom window inspirations that you can imitate and install in your resting area:

1. Transom Window for a Minimalist Room that Impresses Warm
Who says transom windows are just a complement to other windows? You can make this one window present in your minimalist room. An example is this industrial-Scandinavian-style room that has a warm feel to it.
The presence of wooden furniture, indoor plants, and abstract paintings in the room is complemented by two rectangular transom windows that meet at the corner of the wall. The window frames which are also made of wood look in harmony with the furniture used in the room.

2. Double-Hung Window Behind the Bed That Gives Refreshment
The window should not always be placed next to the bed. Its presence behind the bed can give another atmosphere to your room. Especially if you also install shelves where indoor plants can stand like in this one room. Your bedroom will feel fresher.

3. Give Your Minimalist Room More Space with the Presence of an Oriel Window
This one window model can provide more space in your resting area if it has a fairly limited space. In the extra space provided by the oriel window, you can add soft cushions and cushions that match the theme of your room. This corner of your window can later be a place to read or relax while enjoying the scenery that is served outdoors.

4. Soaring to the Ceiling, Picture Window can be an alternative
The windows that soar up to the ceiling can give the illusion as if your room has a large enough area. Not only that, the picture window in your room can also offer views outside the house like a picture. One of the advantages of this window is that the price is quite affordable.
Those of you who live in an environment with beautiful views such as mountains can take advantage of this window. Your morning wake-up activity will feel more memorable every time you open the curtains and are presented with an all-green view.

5. Casement Window Facing a Study/Work Desk in a Minimalist Room
The existence of a casement window that directly faces your work desk or study table can make you comfortable in carrying out activities there. While completing tasks or work that was brought home, you can occasionally cast a glance at the window to be treated to a view.
Open your casement windows occasionally for better room air circulation. Good air circulation can make your room feel fresher.

6. Combine Picture Window and Attic Window for Stunning Sky View
You can use the alternative of combining these two types of windows in your room. You will not only be treated to the scenery in your yard, but also can enjoy the view of the sky.
If the night sky is clear, while lying in bed, you can look up at the stars or other celestial bodies. Rooms like this are more or less owned by one of the old animated characters entitled Hey Arnold. Really interesting isn’t it?

7. Geometric Window The Result of Unification of Awning Model and Picture
Picture windows are always the most reliable when you have to perfect your minimalist room design. The existence of a very wide window with a height soaring up to the ceiling can make the room feel more spacious.

However, the need for air circulation in the room can be handled properly because the awning window is also present. The awning window can be opened by residents so that air can enter and the room feels fresher. The presence of these two windows also makes the room get abundant natural lighting.

8. Uniqueness Offered Directly by Arch and Casement Windows
This minimalist and Scandinavian style room shows its unique side through the presence of curved windows and casement windows. Arched windows are synonymous with Roman-style houses. However, because air circulation is needed in the room, the casement window is presented to make the room feel fresher. This window opening is large enough so that there will be plenty of natural light entering the room.\

9. Tiny Room with Hopper Window
Although small, this modern-industrial-style minimalist room is very comfortable. The exposed brick accents on one of the walls of the room make this room look quite attractive. Apart from that, another interesting aspect of this room is the windows.

The window chosen by the occupants of the room is a hopper-style window. This is because the hopper window has various advantages such as easy access, energy saving, and quite easy maintenance.

10. Bring Arched Windows to Your Apartment
Those of you who have a room in a tall building like this can present the impression of Roman architecture through the arched window. In addition to being classic, this window is suitable to blend in with the minimalist atmosphere in your apartment room.

This arched window model is suitable for rooms that do have a high enough ceiling. This window can offer you views of skyscrapers that stand firmly in urban areas.

Those are the ten inspirations for bedroom windows with minimalist models that you can choose from. You can adjust this window model to the various nuances that you want your minimalist room to offer, starting from Scandinavian, contemporary, to classic. Each nuance of the room has its own “match” window.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the creation of a comfortable minimalist room is determined by the selection of the right window model and the presence of the right furniture. These two things can be combined perfectly so that the best atmosphere that the occupants of the room wants can be created.